"Nice and enjoyed the service and everything at your guest house, hope to come next term again. Keep up the good work!!"

- Julia Tshehla

"Proper cleaning & dusting. I am impressed about your kitchen, food and transport"


"Everything is superb, i'd like to tell more friends about what Jhb is like. Acorn & Summit rocks!"

- Leet Zuma

"Friendly staff, fantastic food - a lovely place to stay. Will be back soon"

- Lauren Roodt

"Felt like a visit with good friends!"

- Ezette

"I cant wait to go and tell the world about this enterprice. I love the place with all my heart"

- Ishmael Seome

"Keep up the excellent standards. The lady who cleaned our room is very friendly,co-operative and it was an enjoyable stay!"

-L Harvey